4M Design Group was formed in August 2007, following 10 years of practice as another prominent Tallahassee-based architectural firm. Managing Principal Mark Tarmey, along with the core group of design/production professionals founded 4M Design Group.

4M Design Group represents a combined vision of community service and a belief that architecture reaches its highest potential when it contibutes to the improvement and quality of places and the people who occupy them. Architecture establishes the sense of place and character of the community in which it is found. To the best of our abilities, we attempt to enhance or establish that sense of place.

Our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and honesty is our first priority for our clients. We are available to travel and are always available by phone, email, or fax. Our responsiveness to our projects allows us to anticipate issues before they become problems for our clients.

4M Constants in Design and Practice:
  • Architecture shall be based on regional patterns of building, responding to the climate and history of a place
  • Site, building, and interior design are connected to and respond to an overall architectural idea
  • Time is a positive element in architecture. Our buildings allow change and adaptation, and are detailed to weather gracefully. Building operation and maintenance are not afterthoughts, they are positive design considerations
  • Architectural expression is achieved through clean articulation of structure, enclosure, and connectivity. Simplicity in construction is elegant and desirable
  • In addition to use and appropriate operation, architecture is formed in relation to the urban or natural environment. The sense of place informs the architecture
  • Architecture is a collaborative process and includes the judgment and expertise of the Client / Owner, the users / occupants, and the contractors and craftsmen who construct the building
  • Our highest obligation is to listen, distill what is essential in each project, and perform at the highest level of professionalism

4M is currently Town Architect for SouthWood (Tallahassee, FL), SummerCamp (St. James Island, FL), and Bull Run (Tallahassee, FL).